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Journeys out of Time

 ◊ Awaken your connection to Dolphin Energy ◊

“The universe is all vibration. Rhythm is controlled vibration” Micky Hart

This year for the first time, Onye Onyemaechi, master drummer and percussionist joins vibrational guides Marta Macbeth and Craig Fiels as they return for the 8th year to the Osa Peninsula, in Costa Rica.

“Yes, yes…… where are the drum enthusiast World Wide? Drumming for the dolphins is another transformational method to unite and create harmony between the human species and Dolphin Kingdom. COME JOIN US!” Onye


We begin to drum on the boat, offering gratitude, raising the vibration and the dolphins begin to gather. The offering of gratitude raises the frequency of the vibrations. There are 5 species of dolphins that swim wild in the warm waters of Drake Bay. The dolphins dance, swim and spin, forming a large circle around the boat. As we are drumming, the dolphins begin to respond to our vibration. Time as we know it dissolves. What happens next is a communication through rhythm and vibration that is indescribable. The division between drumming, dolphin and human disappear as we awaken to an expanded state of awareness.



“My first experience of drumming for the dolphins was amazing. I felt like I was immersing myself in the collective consciousness of dolphins, reawakening my deep connection to nature, calming my mind and body. Actually, being with the dolphins evoked a magical experience, as if bridging the visible and invisible world, the human and animal realms. Perhaps drumming for the dolphins is really a form of co-species healing.” – C. Fiels

We invite you to spend a week with us in Costa Rica, where the rainforest meets the Ocean.

February 23rd – March 2nd

Space is limited, to reserve your space, REGISTER HERE

Marta 505.699.3992 or email



6 nights in paradise. Drumming on the beach, Dreamwork, Healing Sessions, with Onye

Snorkeling, Swimming, Dolphins, and MAGIC.

Interview with Marta at Omni Art SalonIMG_0555




Imagine a small boat full of people, deep azure sky and the clear indigo Pacific Ocean. You are off the Costa Rican shore in Drake Bay and the only sound is the gentle trance like beat of drum. Then a ripple on the surface! A dolphin is approaching, lured perhaps by the rhythmic pulses. The excitement builds as we realize it is not just one dolphin; there are hundreds of dolphins encircling the boat in a wide embrace of joy!


We continue drumming a rhythmic beat, our offering to these wondrous and joyful beings of the sea. Some dolphins come closer jumping and swimming in sync to the beating drums. Five, six, sometimes seven dolphins at a time are leaping and playing in the wake of the boat. Now dolphins are jumping in double helixes and cartwheels. Big pacific bottlenose dolphins are leaping high in the air on the outer edge of the circle. Waves of seven to 10 dolphins come in closer and rejoin the larger circle as we continue drumming.The whole ocean is alive and seemingly responding to our drum beat. Manta rays dance in the air, sailfish and tuna leap with intense energy, flying fish appear suspended above the waves. Sea birds – boobies – fly beside us to acknowledge our musical offering.All of the drummers on the boat experience an amazing interspecies connection reflecting our joy through music and rhythm. We have confidence that the dolphins are responding to our offering. Roy, a Costa Rican naturalist, confirms this. He estimates that possibly 500 dolphins or more have come to hear our drumming.